Student's zone

Every visitor to the ON HAIR fair is an important fan of hairdressing - regardless of the level of advancement in the profession. Our educational offer is addressed both to specialists and beginner hairdressers. Especially for the first steps in the industry, we have created the STUDENT’S AREA.




IN THE STUDENT’S AREA, you met masters of the profession, educators with many years of experience, industry authorities. They shared their knowledge and passion with you.

The Student’s Area is a place where an interesting educational program was waiting for you. Under the supervision of renowned trainers, visitors to the zone of hairdresser's adepts will be able to check and polish their skills. Invited guests - hairdressing masters, outstanding instructors - presented a professional program of demonstrations and workshops. The training heads and hairdressing accessories provided by the organizers enabled comfortable training under the supervision of the masters and the presentation of your skills.

Direct contact with educators helped dispel your doubts, build self-confidence, look at your own work from a different perspective. Here you can asked specific questions about learning a profession, exams or future work. IN THE STUDENT’S AREA, potential employers had the opportunity to observe the creative work of students. There is always time for creative discussions and exchange of experiences.

The Student’s Area is the center of interesting contacts, creative work, and the possibility of obtaining valuable tips. This is a unique place where passion, creativity and the desire to develop skills reign supreme.

The Student Area was open throughout the duration of the fair for all students visiting the Hair Forum.

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