At the heart of the Hair Forum, as every year, there was a Main Stage, where fantastic shows and presentations took place, providing the power of unforgettable impressions and aesthetic experiences. This is where a unique performance took place combining hairdressing, fine arts, fashion, make-up and audiovisual effects in a spectacular way. It is here that the greatest stars from different parts of the world will delight viewers with a riot of colors and the magnetic charm of original cuts, coloring and stylization.



Special Guest 2019: Patrick Cameron!

For the first time at the fair in Poland at the invitation of BabylissPRO and Hair Forum.

Showman, teacher, mentor, trainer, innovator and maestro of long hair - these are just some of the titles that describe the icon of hairdressing, Patrick Cameron. From classic techniques to avant-garde, vintage, wedding, splicing, photo sessions and a red carpet, Patrick's works cover all aspects of long hair. He is constantly developing his work, crossing borders and creating the future of classics. It is extremely important for Patrick Cameron to share his knowledge and experience with the industry he loves so much and help in developing the skills and talents of the new generation of hairdressers.


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